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Cars & Social Holiday Party Extravaganza!

The recent Cars & Social Holiday Party, orchestrated by the dynamic duo of Joseph L Boscia Jr from Boscia & Boscia PC and Emilio Duran of Smart Marketing, proved to be a roaring success, bringing together over 90 people and an impressive display of 40 cars. The event unfolded at the brand-new Olde Silver Tavern in Manalapan NJ, a perfect setting that offered a private room for all the guests and a sprawling parking lot that accommodated the impressive lineup of vehicles.

Erik Beal, the mastermind behind Automobeal's valet services, orchestrated the parking with precision, aligning the cars in sequence right in front of the restaurant. The result was a visual spectacle that added to the overall charm of the evening.

The generosity of the sponsors played a significant role in elevating the festivities. Mike Mantore owner of CMC Motorsports contributed by donating Official F1 Hats, which became coveted prizes for attendees who participated in trivia questions. Meanwhile, Danny France, the owner of Dayton Custom Wheels, took the giving spirit to the next level by donating a set of wheels to be powder coated.

Despite the cold weather, the festive spirit was palpable in the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The party not only celebrated the love for cars but also fostered a sense of community among enthusiasts. As the engines revved and the holiday cheer filled the night, the Cars & Social Holiday Party became more than an event – it was an unforgettable experience that left everyone eagerly anticipating next year's gathering.

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